Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Wood-Plastic Composites 2013 25-27 February 2013, Vienna, Austria

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    We are pleased to announce that Mr. Christophe Chambonnet, Global Manager for Woodforce will be speaking about 'Engineered wood fibre dice for thermoplastics reinforcement' at the above event.

    The market for wood plastic composites is developing rapidly in Europe, helped by a series of product developments as well as improved marketing programmes and yet the European market is still only a fraction of the size of its potential.
    AMI’s Wood Plastics Composites 2013 conference will draw on experience across Europe and the USA to bring focus on the latest developments in the industry. An array of papers will address the key issues facing participants in the WPC industry today: process and materials developments, new product developments, best marketing practice and shifts in feedstock procurement. The purpose of the conference is to provide opportunities to learn from the experience of others and help illuminate the future market for wood plastic composites.

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