Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

The 1st International Conference on Natural Fibers

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    Woodforce will be featured at The 1st International Conference on Natural Fibers– Sustainable Materials for Future Applic ations, to be held in Guimarães-Portugal from June 9 -11, 2013.
    Xavier Le Fur, Technical & Business Development Manager Woodforce, will be presenting the technology jointly with Ana Rita Campos from PIEP, June 10th.

    Natural fibers have widely enlarged their range of applications due to the intensive scientific and technical research undertaken by several institutes across the world, turning these amazing materials into an alternative feasible choice for many situations, applications and uses in civil engineering, medicine, sport, architecture, design, among others.
    The 1st International Conference on Natural Fibers – Sustainable Materials for Future Applications, intends to be the meeting point for all those interested in these fantastic materials called Natural Fibers. It will be a great opportunity to discuss all these new advances and the potential developments by bringing together companies, universities, research and technological centers and entrepreneurs.