Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

What is woodforce?

Engineered wood fibre for the new generation of biocomposites.

Woodforce, the engineered diced pellet that delivers exceptional polymer reinforcement to Polyolefin compounds.

This new-patented technology offers many advantages including both weight and cost savings with design opportunities unrivalled in the natural fibre sector.Woodforce is neither a by-product nor a residue, it is an industrially engineered wood based product that offers Natural Strength for Plastics.

As a dynamic wood-based product capable of acting as a mechanical reinforcer for thermoplastic polymers, Woodforce dramatically improves the targeted properties of plastic resin.

It is a bio-sourced and renewable mechanical reinforcer that is compatible with an industrial process; has proven performance and favourable economics previously unavailable.

Woodforce can replace glass fibre for short fibre applications. Compared to agricultural fibres, Woodforce is an ideal solution from an industrial perspective. Non-seasonal, it has efficient supply chain management and is extremely friendly, due to the perfect dosing of the diced pellets.