Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Superior Performance

Superior Mechanical Properties

Woodforce: A REAL FIBRE:

In the manufacturing process of Woodforce, wood fibres are washed to remove any foreign material before refining. The mechanical refining then separates each individual fibre so that it provides the full benefits of its great L/D aspect ratio (L/D: Length over Diameter).

Wood flour has been used in thermoplastics for many years. Although flour is often named 'fibre', the microscopic imagery below demonstrates that wood flour has a poor aspect ratio compared to that of Woodforce. This explains the substantial difference in the mechanical performance of the two materials.

Woodforce gives strength to polymers:

Woodforce gives strength to polymers: Woodforce is scientifically proven to deliver superior mechanical properties. According to the type of polymer used, adding a coupling agent optimizes the reinforcing action of Woodforce individual fibres.

The performance of Woodforce matches that of glass fibre in short fibre applications.

Woodforce is compatible with the major polymers such as e.g. PP and PE, but also ABS and PLA. Typical properties of Woodforce in combination with polymers are provided in tht table below.