Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Superior Performance

Enhanced Design

Staining wood is a well-known and traditional practice. It is an additional feature that makes Woodforce a superior natural fibre.

When coloured fibres are used, the Woodforce fibre becomes invisible in injection-moulded parts, providing great fibre colouration and significant design opportunities. This means bio-sourced reinforcement is no longer restricted to hidden parts.

If you want to see the fibre, then no problem, use Natural Woodforce and a colour master batch during compounding instead.

Colouration is performed during our manufacturing process, combining the pigment with the wood fibre. We make Black and Natural colour options to suit most of the customers needs.

The combined effect of invisible fibres and great surface quality makes Woodforce reinforced parts fit for visible applications, including automotive parts.

We can also supply a custom colour with minimum quantities. Contact us for more details.