Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Superior Performance

The ability to perform efficiently is what we all strive for. We can only achieve this through the preparation, the organisation and the right equipment. When you have a decision to make, the right one for plastics is Woodforce.

Superior Mechanical Properties

Woodforce is scientifically proven to deliver superior mechanical properties. The performance of Woodforce is equal to that of standard glass fibre in short fibre applications

Woodforce is the result of over ten years of development validated by many independent research institutions. The end result is an engineered wood fibre delivering great improvements in tensile and flexural performance.

Woodforce is compatible with the major polymers, PP and PE, as well as ABS and PLA. Read More

Consistent Properties

Our sophisticated production process guarantees Woodforce dice are always consistently performing, contaminant-free with stable fibre sizes and have constant moisture content year-round.

We have a very stable wood fibre mix, as our timber is historically sourced from our natural wood basket within a 100km radius around the plant.

Woodforce is engineered to include a dispersant in order to obtain an optimal dispersion in the matrix, so that bio-sourced reinforcement no longer means inconsistent performance and questionable aesthetics. Read More

Enhanced Design

Woodforce has a major benefit in relation to pigments and dyes, as refined wood fibres are more absorbent than wood itself and any other natural fibre. The result is an enhanced use of colouration that provides significant design opportunities in multiple colours.

The colouration of Woodforce is a built in process to dye the product during the process of making the dice.

Using automotive applications as an example, “Woodforce Black” provides a superior finish on moulded parts (hiding the fibre completely) and opens up the potential for use in visible applications. Bio-sourced reinforcement is no longer restricted to hidden parts. Read More

Weight Reduction

Wood fibre allows a significant weight reduction of reinforced plastics with equal mechanical properties relative to similar applications with glass or minerals.

Wood fibre density is significantly less than that of glass fibre and mineral fillers. At equal mechanical properties, Woodforce reinforced parts or products will enjoy anywhere from 10 – 15% weight reduction potential. Read More