Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics


The power of Woodforce and its product potential is in its versatility and customisable nature.

Having now created our first colour option in Woodforce black, we have great design advantages via our system of fibre dying during Woodforce manufacturing. This ensures a superior finish for injection moulded parts, compared to a traditional colour master-batch approach during compounding. The Woodforce method ensures the colouration is a built-in process to dye the product during the making the dice. Using automotive applications as an example, Woodforce Black provides a superior finish to moulded parts (hiding the fibre completely) and opens up the potential for use in visible applications, so that bio-sourced reinforcement is no longer restricted to hidden parts. For further information about the design capabilities of Woodforce contact info@woodforce.com

The option of Standard and Fast has been developed for the differing capabilities of your industrial equipment. We understand that moisture content is something some of our customers like to control themselves, whereas, others prefer us to supply the right percentage to ensure maximum quality.

Great Carbon Footprint
(1) For custom colouring, and minimum quantities, please contact us
(2) Fast product is indicating a maximum moisture content.