Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Industrially Friendly

Until Woodforce, the industrial processing of natural fibre had been a major barrier to mass-market applications. Woodforce is the product that perfectly suits existing industrial reality. Woodforce was designed with the compounding process in mind. Woodforce is compatible with existing extrusion equipment, and compatible with global and large-scale industrial operations.

Easy to use / Ready to use

The Woodforce dice is very easy to dose during the extrusion process. With Woodforce there are no complications as it is used with standard dosing equipment and does not require any chopping or preparation.

Zero clumps and bridges make it is easy to meter with good flow ability, so that bio-sourced reinforcement does not result in inefficient compounding operations.

Independent testing has proven the superiority of WoodForce with standard dosing equipment: Read More

Favourable Health & Safety Profile

Our production process removes dust that is created from processing wood. The dice is engineered to consist only of real fibres, therefore Woodforce is not dusty.

Unlike wood floor (sawdust), using Woodforce does not create fire and explosion risks for your business and your staff.

When comparing Woodforce to the prominent glass fibre, it is undoubtedly the safe, natural alternative for industrial environments, making bio-sourced reinforcement the true health and safety solution in your production site.

Reduced Equipment Wear

Using wood fibre is significantly softer on tools, screws and barrels, hot runners, and grinders (recycling). Your equipment life will be approximately 20% longer when you use Woodforce compared to the use of glass fibre. With Woodforce, you get a higher return on investment from your industrial assets.

Woodforce products contains 96% of wood fibers, with lower hardness characteristics compared to glass and mineral charges. Wood fiber induce a lower friction level during processing to any equipment, such as compounding line screws, dozing equipment, barrels, hot runners or grinders used for recycling. This leads to a longer equipment life. Empirical studies compared the hardness properties of Woodforce products to glass fibers or talcum, results showed a noticeable increase of 20% of the equipment life.