Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Environmentally Fit

Renewable and Sustainable

We are committed to making sure that our wood suppliers adopt a Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). SFM has been defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as:

"The stewardship and use of forests and forest lands in a way, and at a rate, that maintains their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality and their potential to fulfil, now and in the future, relevant ecological, economic and social functions, at local, national, and global levels, and that does not cause damage to other ecosystems."

In simpler terms, the concept can be described as the attainment of balance – between society's increasing demands for forest products and benefits, and the preservation of forest health and diversity. This balance is critical to the survival of forests, and to the prosperity of forest-dependent communities.

Sonae Indústria recognises and supports many forest certification organisations, purchasing FSC – certified wood, PEFC as well as SFI – certified wood.

Dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide, these organisations facilitate the development of standards and ensure the monitoring of certified operations so consumers can choose products that come from well managed forests.

Sonae Indústria has many plants which are “chain of custody certified” including the Le Creusot plant where Woodforce is produced in Europe.

Quick Facts

About 245 million hectares of forest area (or 605 million acres) are managed in compliance with PEFC's internationally accepted Sustainability Benchmark. This is an area equivalent to the size of the whole of France, Germany, Italy and the UK combined. Two-thirds of all certified forests globally are certified to PEFC.

About 155 million hectares of forest area (or 181 million acres) are managed in compliance with FSC's internationally accepted Sustainability Benchmark.