Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Environmentally Fit

Great Carbon Footprint and great Life Cycle Analysis

Wood requires carbon dioxide in order to grow, wood is a natural carbon storage; it plays a key role in countering climate change, making wood and C02 partners.

Once the carbon is locked in the wood, it will not be released until the wood has been degraded by fungus or fire. Using wood industrially increases storage time and contributes to reducing greenhouse effects.

The following steps increase carbon storage:

  • Use more wood
  • Diversify the use of wood (Woodforce is a brand new patented technology)
  • Improve the product performances and its useful life (Woodforce strengthens plastics)

Sonae Indústria is continually improving the production process in order to reduce the carbon footprint of Woodforce.

Our supply chain is extremely efficient. Our own manufacturing relies upon a two-week wood inventory on our site because wood harvesting and supply is all year around, every week, every day.

Sonae Indústria commissioned an Independent Life Cycle Analysis of Woodforce and made a comparison with Glass Fibre.

As you can see Woodforce has a significantly better profile:

Forestry does not use pesticides or fertilisers, so there is no risk of eutrophication in local water bodies. Our industrial use of forest products does not create competition with food production neither, unlike the process with agricultural fibres.