Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Environmentally Fit

Being green is the future. It is in the fabric of key business strategies, and now with Woodforce, bio-sourced reinforcement provides a significant opportunity to promote the true green capabilities of your company.

Woodforce is now approved for the USDA BioPreferred program. With an increased use, biobased products will also be expected to reduce petroleum consumption, increase the use of renewable resources, better manage the carbon cycle, and may contribute to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts

Renewable and Sustainable

Sonae Indústria recognises and supports forest certification organisations, purchasing FSC as well as PEFC certified wood. Read More

Great Carbon Footprint and great Life Cycle Analysis

The Woodforce production process consumes far less energy than that of glass fibre production. Our wood is sourced locally within 100km of the plants, and wood fibre by its very nature, is a renewable resource capturing and storing CO2 thus contributing to improve the environment.

Our supply chain is extremely efficient. Our own manufacturing relies upon a two-week wood inventory on our site, because wood harvesting and supply is all year around, every week and every day. Read More

Recyclability and Favourable End of Life Options

Thermoplastics reinforced with Woodforce have a far superior recyclability than fibreglass filled compounds.

After two cycles, Woodforce retains a much higher level of mechanical properties than glass fibre compounds. Woodforce is also superior to the other natural fibre tested.

At the end of its life, thermoplastic reinforced with wood fibre can be burnt to generate energy. Read More