Woodforce | Natural Strength for Plastics

Engineered wood fibre for the new
generation of biocomposites.

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Environmentally Fit

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Being green is the future. It is in the fabric of key business strategies, and now with Woodforce, bio-sourced reinforcement provides a significant opportunity to promote the true green capabilities of your company.

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Industrially friendly

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Until Woodforce, natural fibre industrial processing had been a major barrier to mass-market applications. Woodforce perfectly suits the existing industrial reality, designed with the compounding industry in mind. It is compatible with all existing extrusion equipment, with global and large-scale industrial operations.

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Superior Performance

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The ability to perform efficiently is what we all strive for. We can only achieve this through the preparation, the organisation and the right equipment. When you have a decision to make, the right one for plastics is Woodforce.

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What is woodforce?

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What is Woodforce?


Woodforce is the engineered diced pellet that delivers exceptional polymer reinforcement to Polyolefin compounds... Read more

Making Woodforce


The Woodforce production process is similar to that of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)... Read more

Compounding Woodforce


Designed to be the friendliest alternative in the compounding industry, the Woodforce dice are very easy to dose during the extrusion process... Read more